The Village Casino Fun

Bemus PointNovember 16, 2014


The first stop after Bob and Darcy tied the boat to the dock was at the Village Casino which is situated at the tip of the point overlooking Chautauqua Lake. It features casual waterfront dining, continuous live music (both local and national bands), karaoke and special family nights, just to name a few. This establishment’s history dates back to the early 1800’s, when Native American Tribes of New York State met at the Village Casino location in order to partake in important business matters.

The Village Casino Scenery

This local watering hole was comfortably decorated and large enough to hold quite a few customers. In the future, I’d like to return and see what it really has to offer. Until then, the four of us took a seat at the circular bar and immediately ordered a round of delicious beverages and I must say that the bartender served excellent drinks with added polite dialogue.

The patrons seated next to us at the bar seemed to be having the grandest of times exchanging personal stories back and forth while throwing down satisfying drinks and good conversations with the gentleness of ease. Bob, Darcy, Glorietta and I participated in multiple conversations laughing and joking with strangers and also, with one another as though we were regulars who hadn’t stopped by for cocktails in quite a spell.

Conclusion Of Our Time At The Village Casino

I’ve been told that there are popular bands playing on the weekends that will rock your socks off and additionally, how this popular spot becomes extremely crowded with handsome men and attractive women looking for a good partying time. But today, a few drinks mixed with stimulating talk would be our only entertainment here. Next time, maybe, we’ll all try the food too. We spent about forty-five minutes before leaving and as we walked away, I continuously looked back careful not to forget the good time; remembering that good times come to those who wait.

Marching out of the building, our hosts politely informed us that it’s time to stroll around town for awhile. This way we’d get a good view of the town, Bemus Point, which is lovely. I thought this was “Too Cool For School!” Our stroll and chit-chat became most enlightening as the Kuhn’s pointed out various points of interest. Naturally, other promenading groups traveling along the streets appeared to be repeating the same efforts and I don’t blame them. The brilliant foliage, historical buildings, adorable fashions and assorted businesses provided artistic words with head turning excitement. It’s easy to see why everyone was having a delightful time and before Glorietta and I knew it, we’d arrived at our next wining-dining-entertaining spot, “The Italian Fisherman!


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