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CheyenneJanuary 27, 2015


I’d just pulled into a service station located in Lusk, Wyoming, and was more than happy or should I say grateful, to finally make this important stop. First of all, our vehicle could certainly use a full tank of gasoline. Then, there’s the fact that both of us needed to step outside of our vehicle and therefore, stretch two very tired sets of legs. But, most important of all in a place like this, the restrooms have been tailor-made for senior citizens such as us. Of course, I’m speaking about those human beings who consistently drive America’s long winding roads across the country and then, back again in pursuance of their new original unfulfilled dreams. That is, if you get what I mean?

TITOISM: “Always remember that one must first acknowledge “true love and respect” for their own birth country, before he or she can totally grasp appreciation for someone else’s distant, magical, historic kingdom!”

Without hesitation, my wife quickly departed our vehicle instantly walking without me in order to pay for our gas ahead of time and additionally, use the restroom facilities. Me? Why I stayed behind to perform my window washing duties as expected. By the way, I’ve always found it rather surprising how one service plaza tells customers to pay for their gasoline before they pump, while other stations wait patiently until you pump your car full of petroleum before asking for the customer’s payment.

Then, there are the businesses who’ll give you only half service; meaning that they will pump your tank full of gas and then, maybe wash the windows, but will not finish their job by replacing your motor oil even though you’re ready and able to pay for it. Shucks, sometimes driving through each individual state in these United States is very similar to driving through another foreign country in Europe, country to country; considering the different mannerisms, vocal accents, cost of this or price of that and quite naturally, the various methods and spices initiated when creating meals that sparkle during the evening. Without a doubt, I could go on and on, yet, I’m sure you’ll understand my serious message by now, right?

Lusk, Wyoming, is only about one square mile of land. Nevertheless, the two of us had been cooped up riding for countless hours in our Hertz rented SUV. Earlier that day, we’d departed “Hill City, South Dakota,” where our friend Jackie Miley lives. You may have heard of her, because, she’s in the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest Teddy Bear collection in the world. In fact, Jackie now owns a delightful business called Teddy Bear Land, where tourists arrive at her store from all over the world to buy not only Teddy bears and check-out her collection, but also, a host of other reasonably priced gifts and souvenirs. I’m proud to say that Jackie is a good friend with a great personality.

She’s a very nice lady. Please tell her that Tito Luv and Glorietta Valentino, from ( Main Performance (Magazine and) Travel, both domestic and international, send her our blessings and additionally, recommends her services to travelers from around the world.

Anyhow, while my better-half went looking for the cashier, I stayed behind to wash our vehicle’s windows. Afterwards, I too headed towards the service plaza’s entrance rather quickly so I could use the restroom and believe me…this old man was walking fast, quick, and in a hurry; for duty called. Then, suddenly, as I was just about to open the service station’s door, my peripheral vision caught a slight glimpse of a young woman approaching the door from the right side of me. Yet, before I could turn my face towards her, she announced in a surprising voice, “Hey! You look like My Uncle Tito!” “Oh my goodness,” I thought. Talk about being caught completely off guard. I felt amazingly stunned in total astonishment with what little strength a man such as me could manage to muster up at the time. In other words, this sixty-eight year old man could only turn and stare straight into her eyes and then politely reply using a low-keyed manner, “I am your Uncle Tito!

From that point on, my niece and I immediately began to pick up our conversation where we’d left off over sixteen years ago. At that time, she’d been married to a former business associate of mine and together, they’d had four children; all of them were girls. In fact, their youngest daughter was three years old the last time I saw her. That’s right; I use to ride her on my knee (playing ride the horsey). Now, she’s 19 years old, married with a child of her own, and she’s a cashier at this particular service plaza. I couldn’t believe my good luck, especially, since my niece had another chance to talk with Glorietta once again.

Now, I’ve been all over the world, attended quite a few colleges in my “hey days” and furthermore, traveled to every state in these United States and do you know what? I’ve never had an encounter such as this. I mean, the city of Lusk is situated way out in Bump-Freaking-Egypt. How in the world could I bump into a person at a gas station in Lusk, Wyoming, that I hadn’t seen in sixteen years and that was back in California? This is crazy considering how several years ago, Miss Valentino and I had gone to the “L. A.” (Los Angeles) County Fair in Pomona, California for five hours and never ran into two of our best friends who were there at the identical time for about the same period. Can you believe it? Well folks, this is a true story and I’ve found out that if one lives long enough anything can happen. Besides, my family loves Wyoming. So, read on, I’m just getting started.

While persistently traveling on the road “to here” or “from there, a great many “minute to minute” chores must be performed daily. Obviously, one plans his or her routines seriously. Especially, when you’re planning to stay at thirty hotels and this still doesn’t include the few friends or family members we’ll be staying with. These minute to minute, day to day creative chores are all a part of the Self-Creative Travel Game. That’s right! Accordingly, one should certainly book his or her room or any other on the road accommodations required, ahead of time, far ahead of time. Nonetheless, it’s nice to leave a few open dates just in case a different path is suddenly desired. Naturally, one can never tell and that’s the reason why as members of (AAA) Southern California’s Automobile Club (members over 50 years), we’ve often discovered quite a few hotels from the listings in their travel book which usually gives cash discounts. This is how Little America Cheyenne (Hotel & Resort) came into our path.

On the road, I’m the Read the Map Man and also, the person contacting hotels by way of “I phone.” Glorietta refers to me as the greatest co-pilot a driver has ever had. Of course, years ago in the very beginning of our relationship when I had made several suggestions about her driving, she inquired if I had indeed picked up my “Back Seat Driver’s license,” as of yet! Obviously, I’ve come a long way since those days (sixteen years ago), don’t you think? Unfortunately, some of us mere mortals learn slower than other attentive human beings.

According to the United States Census Bureau’s 2013 announcement and Wikipedia information, Cheyenne, Wyoming’s population is around 62, 448 people. Additionally, Cheyenne is not only the capital of Wyoming, but, it’s also the state’s most populous and principal city. Oh, by the way, did I already mention that Cheyenne is the county seat of Laramie County? What this means is that Cheyenne has always been a very happening town. In fact, The Cheyenne-Laramie County Corporation for Economic Development says, “Cheyenne Means Business!” and furthermore, that “Cheyenne Leads!” They use these slogans because of the city’s low property taxes.

The fact that it’s a major transportation hub with excellent telecommunications, customized incentive packages, and there’s no inventory or corporate state taxes. Yet, most of all, Cheyenne has a ready work force of educated workers. Without a doubt, you can find out what other national companies already know by going to this organization’s website:, or by calling them at 307-638-6000 (or) 1-800-255-0742

History, culture and adventure seeking travelers can visit a host of museums, historic mansions, bison ranches, parks & recreations, play golf, watch rodeos and many more attractions where tourists and businessmen alike, can really while away precious hours in fun.

LITTLE AMERICA CHEYENNE (HOTEL & RESORT) is part of the Grand America collection of fine hotels and resorts providing resting spots in Cheyenne, Wyoming; Flagstaff, Arizona; Snowbasin, Utah; Salt Lake City, Utah; Little America, Wyoming; San Diego, California and Sun City, Idaho. Their diverse group of luxury properties spans the Western United States. They offer a high quality standard of excellence that has made their fine collection of up-scale hotels the destination of choice for millions of visitors. After reading this review and appreciating our selective photos, I’m sure you’ll especially recognize true “high class” at a most reasonable cost.


From the mountains, to the valleys, to the sea; why not take a Little America Cheyenne Hotel and Resort with you?

You’ll be glad that you did!

In 1946, television was invented. It was also the year I was born. Needless to say, years later I had a great attachment to what they called “The Boob Tube! Regardless, this author spent numerous enthralling hours observing cowboy programs. In many ways, some of these TV programs introduced me to how real life actually operates. That’s why I remember with pride that the cattle barons couldn’t wait to arrive in Cheyenne, Wyoming, in order to take care of big business and then at the same time, let-off some well-earned steam…by partying like real men.

From time to time, I’d watch these cowboy television programs. That’s why I wrote the name Cheyenne, Wyoming, on my bucket list. Yes, I wanted to find out added information about the territory’s history and at the same time experience the Cheyenne spirit. Now, I have! It’s exciting, engrossing and sometimes wild. Further looking at the situation, Cheyenne always seemed a little more civilized than most of the other Wild West Cowboy Towns. I advise true aficionados to visit Cheyenne, Wyoming and “Live the Legend,” or you can keep clicking on to read more exciting tales on traveling (Domestic and International). If you do, then you’ll realize the many marvelous places that are waiting to awake your invigorating future dreams.

It was way back in the 1890’s, when a young sheep herder in a dreary section of Wyoming became lost in a raging blizzard and was forced to camp out all night at the place where the original Little America now stands. During a terrible storm on a long depressing January night, with fifty mile per hour winds blowing at forty below zero temperatures, the sheep herder wished for a warm fire, something desirable to eat and several comfortable woolen blankets. This young herder further thought that it would indeed be a blessing if someone with a good heart suddenly built a shelter at that desolate spot. Countless times, he’d dreamt of having such a location for travelers with a crackling fire, warm agreeable beds and delicious food. From its beginning on Wyoming’s southwestern desert, the sheep herder’s Little America has grown to include other properties throughout the Western United States.

The appearance of “Little America Cheyenne evoked a special kind of luxury and grand elegance with an added touch of distinctly warm western feel. Even their brochure promised that its policy is “Heart-Felt Hospitality” and additionally announced, that their expert staff would be attentive to our every need and how they’ll take great pleasure in making us feel cared for and comfortable. This proved to be true, when Glorietta and I could not find a cart to bring clothing from the SUV inside to our room. That’s when we immediately approached Dean Struebing who turned out to be the Front Desk Supervisor.

When someone gives me good service… I write about it and if an individual gives me bad service, I tell you the reader how bad the service really was. Well, for one thing, I must admit that Mr. Struebing turned out to be one of the finest hotel employees I’ve ever met in my 68 years of traveling around down here on Earth. He’s the true professional’s professional! Since all the clothing carts had been taken, he offered to take us on an interesting tour of the hotel while he attempted to retrieve a cart for us and quite naturally, we agreed right away. As we went from room to room, the Front Desk Supervisor filled us in on the history of the hotel and then, described each areas purpose while the three of us walked with a steady pace. He even pointed out the convenience of the extraordinary conference and meeting rooms. After listening to Mr. Struebing’s enlightening rhetorical descriptions of Little America Cheyenne during the tour, I understood right away that this meticulous hotel resort’s motto is to offer luxury at every turn and subsequently, to give surprising spaciousness, uncompromising service and delightful details that hotel guests love to hear. In fact, visitors to Little America Cheyenne soon discover new charm and luxuries with every stay. By the way, this establishment invites you to discover these things for yourself. They stand ready and able to help you.

Next, Dean Struebing, the front desk supervisor, brought Glorietta Valentino and Tito Luv up to date on what the hotel describes as…Expansive Beauty. “Little America Cheyenne” is Wyoming’s largest meeting and convention hotel. It’s situated on 80 acres of pine-strewn Wyoming rangeland. The hotel makes an impressive statement the moment you arrive. From the welcoming foyer to the elegant ballroom, there’s over 30,000 square feet of meeting space which showcases the best amenities for hosting unforgettable events. To say that this very special hotel leaves a lasting impression would certainly be an understatement. Guests are known to discover delight in various unexpected places. A restful bed, exciting cuisine and quiet nooks are perfect for conversations producing a deeply satisfying experience guests should remember long after their event.

It was indeed an unexpected thrill once the door to our room swung open and therefore inaugurated two weary travelers to a sight to behold; a reasonably priced room (around one hundred dollars) that included a remarkable elegant comfortable stay of joy. There was a marble bathroom, an outdoor adjoining patio and most of all, a room of elegance with a king size bed, plus, all of the amenities.

Once we’d completely unpacked and returned the clothing cart, my wife and I promptly put on our swimsuits and also, the hotel robes provided in our room. Together, we walked to the large outside heated pool and swam for a little more than an hour. As we swam, several other small groups of people arrived and exchanged polite conversation the entire time we were in the water. Like us, they grabbed a provided towel from the towel rack located at the pool and then, laid them down on their lounge chair before taking a much needed plunge. Later, as we made our departure, I slowly turned around and noticed that everyone was having the grandest time. Isn’t it funny how most people seem to be able to do just that when they’re not being irritated? To me, Little America Cheyenne (Resort and Hotel) provides such a comfortable setting. This establishment is a “must see” when traveling to, or through, the great state of Wyoming.

Somewhere in one of my other paragraphs, I mentioned wonderful Cuisine. Now, I really have a chance to write about an evening of pure fun and relaxation! Little America Cheyenne’s Hathaway Restaurant (named after Wyoming Governor Stan Hathaway…1967-1975) isn’t just an eatery named after a famous politician. This eatery is one of Cheyenne, Wyoming’s most outstanding dining spots and I should know for the mere fact that I’ve dined there recently.

Now, I could talk about the Sunday Brunch or maybe even, the “come and get it” luncheon buffets, which include an elegant twist on classic dishes and traditional comfort foods. Then again, I could point out the way they serve, prepare and present their breakfast, lunch and dinner with special care. However, that’s a lot of words to write down and such words may or may not stick in your memory. After all, their contact information is listed at the beginning of this enriched story. Am I correct? Therefore, you can telephone, check out the hotel-Resort’s website, or simply read these selective words that are presented directly in front of you on Main Performance’s Travel Website. In other words, I wish to keep it real in order to explain exactly what I reviewed and any other notably experiences. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to enjoy Carol’s Café or the Hathaway Lounge. Nevertheless, my wife and I did have the privilege of eating dinner during our travels in their Hathaway Restaurant.

Once you’ve had a chance to view the included photos of Little America’s (Cheyenne) Hathaway Restaurant, I’m sure that my dining experience will come alive in the playground of your mind. To start with, our server was an attractive charming young lady named “Cherica” and she did indeed make our dining experience most pleasant. Intelligence and personality conveniently showcased her formal education and training as she easily explained the restaurant’s menu and daily specials with charm and excitement.

Cherica asked a host of interesting questions about our extensive traveling, both domestic and international, and somehow made us feel that she cared whether the two of us enjoyed our meal or not. At the same time, she eagerly listened to several of our travel stories and whenever we needed her, she was always there. Neither Glorietta nor I had to look around wondering where our waitress had gone too.

First up, a delicious glass of Merlot (Clos Du Bois) from Sonoma, California ($8.00) was requested in order to threaten or should I say “tease” my palate with a “goodtime!” Either way, this was a great selection to begin an adorable evening. Afterwards, and staying true to our reviewing roots, on this laid back evening my better-half and I decided to order regular dishes of cuisine. Tonight, we wanted nothing too fancy, if you know what I mean. This was to be an evening of complete utter relaxation. Therefore, she and I took our time while sharing a single appetizer, New England Crab Cake Sliders ($9.95). This dish had been meticulously created with expertise and to our joy it became the hit of the night. It wasn’t over spiced or over-cooked. Anyways, above all, each folk full of the sliders was a bit more than just pleasing. These tasteful New England Crab Cake Sliders simply roared with great flavor and post meal satisfaction.

Next, we ordered two of Hathaway’s Fresh Garden Salads ($2.50 x2=$5.00) with Italian dressing and bits of dry Bleu cheese crumbled on top, along with two perfectly warmed bowls of mouthwatering Four Onion Soup ($5.95×2=$11.90) that did the chef justice. The garden salad straightaway refreshed our appetite while introducing our taste-buds to what was to come. Future diners can rest assure that this fresh leafy salad did indeed taste very good and undoubtedly hit the spot at the time.

The Four Onion Soup was “stand-up and shoot,” appetizing to say the least. On any other evening, the two of us would have each ordered a second bowl without a second thought. The onions, themselves, melted in our mouth while the smooth soup sauce distributed an added bonus from the heavens of scrumptious. However, as a restaurant reviewer I found out a long time ago that one cannot eat rich food every night or he (she) may develop stomach problems, not to mention bad health. Besides, I wanted to consume a variety of specially concocted food dishes as I traveled on the road. Therefore, tonight’s proud cuisine would be highly appreciated. In fact, it’s about as down-home-yummy as any soup can be.

For our main course, Glorietta received the turkey dinner including mashed potatoes with brown gravy ($14.00) and I ordered Tuscan Chicken including mashed potatoes with white gravy ($14.50). After the two dishes had been dispensed, we each ate half of our entrée and then, exchanged plates. For being regular meals of cuisine, the turkey and chicken entrees received our up-most kudos. They were not your mother’s home cooked meal, but, a trained talented chef’s amazing production where each and every bite produces delectable tasty food worth every dollar paid. The entire meal cost us $67.15. Plus, Glorietta and I left a $12.00 tip on the table for Cherica. That’s a total of $79.15 for a slight moment in both of our lives that we’ll always remember.

Naturally, we could have ordered fancier entrees, but tonight, this dining occasion brought total contentment to our culinary souls and that’s the complete truth. Hathaway’s Restaurant guarantees a good dining experience to all who sincerely care. After finishing our dinner, Miss Valentino and Mr. Luv truly did appreciate the time we stayed at this exceptional piece of property and so will you, if you’re fortunate enough to spend time in comfort for such a reasonable price.

As usual, I’m asking you the reader to inform the people who operate The Little America Cheyenne Hotel and Resort that you were recommended to their business by Tito Luv and Glorietta Valentino, from the best travel website in the world! Of course, I’m talking about Main Performance Magazine and International Travel.

Please don’t forget to recommend both our website and Little America Cheyenne. Also, as a favor to me, please visit my author’s website at Soon, my sixth book will be released. It’s called “Traveling: With Tito Luv and Glorietta Valentino!” Until next time…Ciao

2800 West Lincoln Way
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009

By Tito Luv

TITOISM: “Letting the cat outta the bag, is a whole lot easier ‘n pullin it back!” Will Rogers (1934)



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