“Traveling with Tito Luv and Glorietta Valentino”

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As a young child, ever since I can remember, I’ve forever dreamt of trekking to the far ends of this colorful planet…we call Earth. In fact, it’s no secret to anyone within the sound of my voice how I’ve always emphatically demanded to personally view every such illustrious destination known for hope, beauty and wealth; along with all those exciting noteworthy characters who’ve dramatically expressed through collective ancient languages…our world’s rich history, from then to now. Yet, make no mistake about it. This uniquely created book is about traveling the fifty states of America at its most interesting point since its discovery. In fact, every American should go and see all 50 states before they die. It’s the least we could do considering what the United States of America has done for each one of us. After all, traveling has never been more chic than now.

TITOISM: The unexamined life is not worth living…Socrates

To accomplice such a special dream as this author voyages around the nation, I additionally chose to visit every state in these United States by combining educated cognitive skills with great gusto. Yes, I love this country that much and strongly planned to sincerely stroll within each state, mile by mile by mile, during my lifetime. After all, I’m an entrepreneur who reads and writes books for a living while riding to every state in America. But, unfortunately for me, May through October during our travels I put on twenty pounds of excessive weight while critiquing wining, dining and entertaining spots. By the time you read this book of conquered ambitions, I hope to have removed the extra (pounds) baggage and that indeed is a good thing.

Additionally, I critiqued and wrote even more articles about hotels/motels, areas of events and modes of transportation including Norwegian Cruise Line’s, “the Norwegian Sun;” the ship that took my wife and I on a seven day cruise to and through Alaska. Of course, traveling to 38 states in almost one quarter of a year didn’t hurt my chances as I enthusiastically loved each exceptional moment of exploring, considering that my wife planned our day to day travels and additionally, performed most of the driving while we toured.

In 2007, I, Tito Luv, and Glorietta Valentino, traveled to thirty states in five weeks, all the way to Maine mixing business with pleasure. We even stopped in Memphis at that gas station looking for Elvis Presley. However, I must confess that the King of Rock N’ Roll wasn’t there. Therefore, we visited SUN Recording Studios, Beal Street and then, enjoyed the Graceland Tour before heading towards Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry. Obviously, this 30 states tour turned out to be the dream (reward) trip of our lifetime.

In 2014, realizing that it had been seven long years since our last big jaunt, my wife and I once again designed another complicated journey. Only this time, together, she and I decided that it would probably be the last time the two of us could physically drive 10,000 to 15,000 continuous miles. You see, I had recently turned 68 years of age on March 19th, 2014 and my lady would turn 70 years old on November 5th 2014. This was important to know, because, our first sojourn started in May and ended in October, which is of course, a month before her birthday.

What made this three journey year of traveling so special was the fact that her daughter would pay for us to take a one week cruise to Alaska. It was going to be her 70th birthday present. Together, we hope after reading these dedicated tales of adventure that you will dream of doing the same. Remember, an adventurous mind is a terrible thing to waste.

Finally, our itinerary (final plans) showed us that during the first expedition, we’ll be gone for two weeks, the last week of May and the first week of June. Next, the second gallivanting had us departing around July 14th for six weeks in order to visit thirty states. Then, the third and final adventure of the year kicked-off in the middle of September and we’d return home a month later in October. This time Glorietta and I were to enjoy northern California, Oregon, Washington, Canada and last but certainly not least, Alaska.

Eventually, as things turned out, we’d be gone almost one quarter of (2014) a year. But, unlike our 2007 pilgrimage, this time we’d divide our 2014 traveling into three different road trips and at least have a small amount of time to relax at home between excursions. It’s easy to be grateful when there are two individuals using unique cognitive skills. This time our traveling would be the trip of three lifetimes!

Nevertheless, this last great escapade taking place in 2014, featuring two experienced traveling Geezers, would be divided into three different road trips. After that, next year, we’d have to come-up with a different game plan for future destinations. Such as, we’d fly into a certain state, rent-a-vehicle from Hertz and then drive 500 miles (north, east, south and west) in all directions. Yet, there was no need to worry; for during our 2007 travels, we’d rented a SUV from Hertz (Rent-A-Car) and for our 2014 business/pleasure trips, my wife and I now chose to rent three different SUV’s from Hertz (Rent-A-Car) for our three different travels. Naturally, the massive amount of traveling by vehicle would place a rather large burden on Glorietta’s back, because, she does most of the driving using my co-pilot driving skills only for map reading and back-up duties, etc. Besides, a new method of travel can provide a refreshing antidote.

This delicious book, filled with passionate travel adventures, showcases appreciation to the countless number of strangers living across our great nation; those extra special citizens who without hesitation, pitched in selflessly in order to aid two touring visitors during their hasty times of assorted needs. All one must do is merely step out on to the streets of America in any city and then, slowly stare upon the masses carefully using a noiseless pace. Yup, this is my country and these are my people.

What you will see, however, are numerous human beings remarkably offering kind motivational instructions without making a big deal about it; were we lucky? Well, maybe! But, my mate and I chose to take a long hard look at the situation with open positive attitudes. Incidentally, the individuals we are describing are the same people who’ve been helping others daily throughout America as a way of life. American’s are not those fanatics that we watch on the evening late news vehemently hating everything and everybody. Instead, they are the unsung heroes living in the U.S.A. today; those human beings who choose not to brag about their good deeds. Each man, woman and child, just keeps continuing to help neighbors, friends, family and strangers regularly without reservations, without conditions.

The folks operating or working at the local Chamber of Commerce’s, (Conventions &) Visitors Bureau’s, Welcome Centers, Eateries, Service Stations, hotels, motels, etc., seemed to have gone out of their way with detailed factual information, friendly attitudes and personalities, directions, believable honesty and lovable dispositions. They did so while being both pleasant and polite. Without their help, our travels could have been much more difficult. Of course, I’m also talking about average Americans who happened to be driving or walking down the street during our desperate times of need. But, most of all, Glorietta and I appreciate and recognize integrity. That’s why the two of us wish to offer our sincere thank you very much!

The exciting events described in this travel journal, “DREAMS: Traveling with Tito Luv and Glorietta Valentino,” are taken from both (the2007 and the 2014) of our journeys and are the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me Tito Luv! “


(Traveling with Tito Luv and Glorietta Valentino)


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