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Main Performance Magazine acts as an advertising agency (MPA-Main Performance Advertising Company). As an advertising agency, we serve our company’s clients, as well as our company’s personal products. For example, we handle advertising and public relations for selective clients. However, our main purpose as a corporation is to assure the certain success of our personal products. Products such as:

Advertising / Publication

The first West Coast quarterly issue was published in January 2000, and it was published in “newspaper form.” Its format did not change until our January 2002 issue hit the stands! The new 2002 issue was presented as an exciting full-color magazine. The new magazine also has a Wine & Dine Hotline section. In addition, we plan to add an “Internet Section, Golfing Section, Fashion Section, Hotel-Motel Section, and an International Section filled with “Business Travel and Entertainment news from around the globe. We sell all advertisements through our agency, Main Performance Advertising Co. Although, we mail and distribute MPM throughout (California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Montana, Idaho, and New Mexico–the eight western states of America, our game plan is to saturate both California and Nevada. MPM is also distributed and mailed to Hawaii, Mexico, and Canada.

Television Programming

TTN…Tele-System Television Network will produce a thirty minute program on our new UTUBE CHANNEL. This new program is called “(SOS) STUCK ON STUPID-THE SELF HELP TV SHOW. Soon, you’ll be able to click on www.titoluv.com (my author’s website). This is where you’ll be able to watch videos and find not only complete information on each of the books I’ve written, but also, you’ll be able to view videos on the music and entertainment from the 1960’s and the 1970’s, to throughout the 21st century.

At the same time…You’ll additionally be able to click on back episodes of our first program…I’m Mad as Hell and I’m not Going to Take it Anymore-The TV Show. There may be intermittent one-hour shows produced during the holidays and for special events as well.

Several minutes of airtime will be available, for advertisements, during each program. The commercial spots will be available in 15, 30, and 60 second increments. Also, there will be special stand-out sponsors which will be listed or mentioned at the beginning or at the end of each program.

Fine Wines, Cigars & Restaurants

Wine & Dine Hotline

A 24-hour “Consumer Reporting Service” that began on January 2, 2002, and at this time is free to the public. In the future, however, we will connect it to an “800” or “900” number and then charge for the Hotline and a host of other services. We will charge potential clients to sponsor a day on the Wine and Dine Hotline. It now costs a business $375.00 (to join) for an annual membership. For additional information about the services our Associate Members or Sponsors receive, please click here.


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