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Betty Butterfly

On January 2, 2005, “Betty Butterfly and the Path of No Return” will be released to the public. This is the second book penned in the last fifteen months by noted Author/Entertainer, Tito Luv! Tito’s first book, “Secret Family Recipes. The Cookbook,” was an Instant Hit! A Wonderful Success!

For those people who liked “SHREK” or “HARRY POTTER,” you are definitely going to fall in love with the delightful Betty Butterfly and the assortment of characters presented by this uniquely gifted author!

There’s General Pappytucker. “The Hero! The Leader of the First Great Big War!” And the General is known to be a Bad Pappytucker. and that’s a good thing!

Then, there’s Satisfaction Cat! He is both exciting and hilariously funny. This “Funky Feline” also has a mysterious secret that will completely blow your mind!

To know Baby Boo Buckethead and the Buckethead Family is a blessing indeed. She not only yearns to be a good leader, but she’s very charming at the same time!

The Wowie Zowie Man will fly you around on his “Colorful Magic Carpets”. and please don’t forget the King and Queen’s Village of Desire, a village that is located up in the sky, where everything you desire is possible. Things like: As many Personal Wishes as you would like; Every Video Game ever created; Flying around on White Doves, etc. Imagine if you will, that you can eat any delicious food. imaginable. Anything you can think of and guess what? There is no such thing as gaining weight or too much desert. There are only continuous dreams of action and play.

There are a host of neat characters that band together and then prepare to leave the Village of Kitchiecoo for the first time in their unexciting lives, in order to save the kidnapped Betty Butterfly! Of course, none of this would have happened if it weren’t for the EVIL GALLDANG from the Village of Urple! It seems that the horrible GALLDANG sent a couple of his henchmen to drag away Kitchiecoo’s much-loved fairy. You see dear friends; this Bad Guy wanted all of the sunshine and happiness spread to his village and his village alone. He wanted to be “King of Happiness,” instead of Evil Monster of Doom!

The numerous, bizarre foreign lands that our eccentric group finds themselves traveling through, both day and night, are scary to say the least, However, the breath taking beauty is sometimes vastly over-bearing. But, the action just keeps on coming!

“Crawl Crawl, Everybody Crawl! Run Run! Come On Everybody Let’s Run! No! No! Fly! Fly! Hey look they’re flying, flying away. Why Crawl, Run and Fly you say. well, you’re doing it because the cast of “Betty Butterfly and the Path of No Return is coming to a bookstore near you on January 2, 2005. If you do not see it. Then, I guess that you’ll just have to ask the bookstore clerk for a copy!



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