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HEALTH & WELLNESSNovember 1, 2004


What has happened to the real need of people? Look around you, now, Look at yourself Now, answer the following yes or no questions:

Is society out of kilter?

Has progress deviated from a higher soulful need to a hodgepode of “PEGBAP” (acronym for: politics, egos, greed, bureaucracy, autocracy, power)? Are you tired of the metropolitan rat race? Do you want to spend more time with family, friends or yourself? Would you like to have better health and be purposeful? Were your answer all “yes”? Would you like to have better health and be purposeful? Were your answers all “yes”? Are you doing anything about any of diem? START NOW!

You are the Captain of the ship known as Yourself. This ship does not travel the “seas of life” without your own commands! The ports that You choose to dock are your (no blame or excuses) responsibility. Are you ready to set sail? START NOW!

Life should be lived at the speed of a school zone, 15 miles per hour. Learning is an appreciation of living! Sunrises, sunsets full moons, family, friends, smiles, laughter and breathing are shared by nature. Speed has it’s moments but the hours will cause you to miss your school bus. Do you want to slow down and learn more about living life? START NOW!

Too many people are on the road to nowhere (also now here) and not having fun traveling Fun is what you make it. If you “like” love yourself, opportunity “isnowhere” (these letters have three interpretations). Fun and love go hand in hand for oneness. Being who you really are, generates an osmosis to unity and joy. START NOW!

“Monkey See – Monkey Do!” Examples and inspiration work both ways. The young (otherwise) should admire the old (wise). It should also work in reverse (“other way around”). This suggestive power (“see-do”) is overwhelming! It is the “root-base” (fanner talk) for terrorism, crime, media, child rearing, selling, “on & on”. Live your life as a valued example – one person can make a difference! START NOW!

Positive and Negative will short circuit your power panel -Plus and Minus is simple arithmetic. “Plus Thinking” is an accumulation of energy/wellness. “Minus Thinking” will take away what you have accumulated (Many people started with nothing and now they still have most of it.) A person has about 60,000 thoughts per day. If you subtract about 50,000 you will get a mathematical answer to why people think life is “running sideways and bassackwards. “Plus Thinking” is a perception add it up! START NOW!

Here is the answer to the beginning question: The real need of people has been wrapped (maybe “rapped”) over the years, When you open this gift, throw away the ribbon, bows and paper, there is peace, love, hope/dreams, understanding and humor for living in the NOW. It is never too late to START NOW!
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