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LouisianaDecember 1, 2014


Sometimes, in the ever-lasting insignificant witching hours of the morning, when most city streets have been rolled up good and tight, I visually ponder about well-defined boundaries that spread across America and always seem to somehow remain awake, forever. For me, THE BIG EASY, is such a place and Mardi gras is one of the town’s remarkable happenings. Oh, I’ve been through Louisiana on business before, but, never actually had a chance to stop in New Orleans. However, I do know for a fact that New Orleans and its dedicated citizens, in spite of Hurricane Karina’s treacherous devastation, British Petroleum’s nasty oil spill and the city’s on-going massive rebuilding projects, have never given-up. Instead, each has bounced back stronger than ever before, the town and the people. In any case, these precious stimulating words of descriptive truth are written for the specific reason of arousing more travelers and therefore, inviting them to visit a place where intriguing artworks and rich cultures exceed in the most unforeseen places. This is where every memory is both timeless and ageless, while each individual savors his or her, long-lasting experience. My wife and I decided to stay for our three day adventure at the Best Western Plus Richmond Inn & Suites-Baton Rouge; located at 2683 Energy Drive; Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70808-2673. She and I thought that it might be a good idea to drive into New Orleans each morning and then, return at night in order to beat the continuous flow of traffic. After all, this is one of the most popular venues in these United States of America.

The Best Western Plus Richmond Inn & Suites- Baton Rouge

This place is known to boast that they’re your home away from home and as it turns out, that’s the truth. In fact, every employee I noticed was efficient and seemed to contain a touch of class in their attitude, particularly those standing at the front desk. This three star hotel has 142 non-smoking guest rooms that feature free high speed wireless internet, and their daily complimentary full hot breakfast buffet is a big hit offering yogurt, fruits, pastries , waffles, biscuits and gravy, bacon, sausage, cereals, including oat meal, and many more items to choose from. For an extra special bonus, coffee drinkers find themselves completely delighted once they taste the 100% Arabica coffee.

Special Notice: This Best Western also has pet-friendly spacious rooms and suites, in order to accommodate families traveling with pets.

The Beauty Of New Orleans

New Orleans offers exceptional drinks and exquisite food that’ll knock your socks off and then keep you coming back again and again. There are city buses, horse drawn carriages and bicycle driven taxis traveling around town which take individuals and groups, alike, on sightseeing fact-based tours such as, Ghost tours, Plantation tours, and just about any other kind of tour possible. Believe me, each tour is worthy of your time and your money.

For those travelers searching for extra special fun, there are Riverboat Cruises, complete with dinner and music, Alligator Ranches and Hatcheries, 100 art galleries, a plethora of museums, antique stores, outdoor markets, specialty shops, jazz clubs, restaurants, and food, food, and more food. Any choice of cuisine, hot or cold, awaits your beckon call wherever you look. Now, that’s what I’m talking about!

Inside and outside of the town’s border stands every type of rental establishment anyone could ever imagine including hotels, motels, apartments, condos, mansions, etc., yet, your wallet and credit cards must use a discreet financial preference. Of course, tourists should make up their minds what agenda is most reasonable. I do know one point of fact though. I know for sure that the next time my wife and I arrive in “The Big Easy,” we’ll be staying somewhere in the French Quarter. This is the spot where partying is an on-going attitude. The reason being is that the pavement is constantly being pounded by human beings walking to destinations during the day and at night. Every movie, television program, newspaper and magazine, emphatically drives this point home. If one grows tired, they can merely return to their living quarters, relax and refresh for awhile, then, head back outside to complete their cycle. That’s just what we are going to do on our next visit. New Orleans, Louisiana, is a majestic playground of unconditional surrender.

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