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HEALTH & WELLNESSOctober 12, 2014


“Hello! Did I call or did you?” You are not sure. “Who is this?” This has nothing to do with age! Communication in its best form is Listening and it begins with the first sound or signal (body language / hand sign).

As a child, we all developed what is now called “Selective Listening.” Do you remember how much we irritated our parents with this childhood talent? If you have children old enough, the “Everything that goes around, comes around” cliché has brought this irritation home to you! The shocking fact is that approximately 90% of all living adults still have selective listening or they have developed very poor listening skills.

In reality, Listening is not a talent but rather a habit that was implanted in early life. A person who is not paying attention or is on the selective listening channel may miss some very important information. This “short fall” in communication can cause a bad attitude or even a disaster. It can also cause malcontent, could be all three! Unfortunately, people are harmed, jobs are lost, money is wasted and wars are started because of “missed understandings” of communication. The TRUTH in these matters is that you can’t BLAME (should be a dead word) other people or things for your negligence! No one can listen or observe for you. If they try, it will become Here Say or Gossip (Both very sick things). You learn and achieve success when “Listening for yourself! This way you can make a determination as to what is really. True, False or Worthwhile information! Then ask yourself, is this something that’ll affect/effect my inner or outer area of responsibility?

Paying attention to what is thought to be a boring subject or speaker can be extremely educational. If you are there, then, why not listen? When in a debate or negotiations, what is being said is more important than what your response will be. Naturally, there are better ways of Listening, why not take the time to search for them. Very successful people (even politicians) are good listeners!

This article has been directed toward the Listening half of communication because it is the least used but the most important! The imparting of knowledge and other useful or wasteful information is abundant. It is now called “Information Overload.”

“If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?” This question may not have an answer but it is an absolute necessity to listen. In some cases, it is important to listen to what is imparted for a complete communicative circle. What did you say?

Footnote: As an “Attitude Farmer,” my articles are intended to plant thought seeds for living a better life. It is the reader’s duty to both fertilize and nurture these scattered seeds so as to harvest the crops for a healthier and happier lifetime!

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Mental Aged Thought Seed: Communication is like a circle. What is sent out must be received to complete the circle of life!

John Richardson
Jan. 10, 2005



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